Union3 saved my wedding!!! Lindsey & Alexa were complete godsends. I had ideas and visions, but was overwhelmed by the details and Lindsey & Alexa came in and pulled it all together. The end result..... a stress-free bride (me), an absoultely spectacular and perfectly executed wedding and hands down the greatest day of my life. I originally reached out to Union3 for a day of planner, but quickly realized it would be MORE than worth it to bring them on for the final four months leading up to our wedding. Working a pretty demanding full time job, I found lots of little items (like say flowers, invitations, etc) slipping through the cracks. Well.... Alexa and Lindsey to the rescue!! They handled all the remaining vendor negotations and helped arrange every little detail. Leading up to the wedding, they were always available to answer any questions and our planning sessions had the feel of a night out on the town with girlfriends. I knew Lindsey ahead of hiring Union3, but after the past 6 months I consider them both dear friends. I've actually been having a lot of Union3 withdraw following the wedding! Anyway, they are extremely attentive and professional, but also fun and creative and easy to work with. They were always mindful of my budget - never pushing us to over extend and even negotiated fiercely on my behalf for savings on things like flowers and invitations. So leading up to the wedding they were fabulous, but the day of, they really shone!! As a very Type A bride, handing over control is not something that comes naturally. However, the trust I had in Union3 was complete and unwavering. I knew if I didn't have them on board I would spend my wedding day micromanaging everyone to try and make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be instead of soaking up the day. I am a psycho about time and timelines and if you can believe it, I spent my wedding day without my watch or phone. Just basking in the amazing day because I knew Lindsey and Alexa would have it under control. I'm sure little things went wrong behind the scenes, but Lindsey and Alexa never let me know and I thought the day was flawless. They were there for us until the bitter end - even helping fix my hair and dress (the hem tore from too much dancing) late into the evening. Bottom line - 100% Worth It. Easily the best decision I made in planning my wedding. I will confess to having gone into wedding planning thinking that no one needs a wedding planner and I can say now, I never would have survived without them. They really took the event to the next level and took the stress out of the planning process. You will not regret using Union3 for your wedding or any event for that matter. I miss them so much, I'm looking for excuses to hire them again - massive 1 year anniversary party, anyone!?

- K.C., Baltimore, MD

Union3 was fabulous to work with. They are knowledgable, professional, and extremely fun to work with. They made wedding planning a breeze. It felt like I was working with two friends rather than stuffy wedding planners. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and it was because Union3 really listened to what we wanted and made it come to life. They are extremely detail oriented and organized. Our wedding went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Union3 to any bride.

- A.G., Baltimore, MD

I can't imagine how we would have given our daughter the wedding of her dreams and mine without Union3 -- they were always so kind, prompt with returning our phone calls and wonderful in dealing with all the vendors. The event is still talked about by all of our friends and family. Their were 250 people at the wedding and every detail was perfect. Thanks so much Union3.

- D.C., Hunt Valley, MD

Union3Events provides phenomenal service. They are friendly and professional people, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Our wedding day was truly perfect and everyone in my family, myself included, was able to enjoy the day, and the months preceding it, because the women from Union3 truly did take care of every detail. They helped us find some of the very best wedding retailers in the area and also helped us negotiate excellent prices. Good listeners that will help you host an unforgettable event. Next to saying "Yes" to my wonderful husband, hiring Union3 was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

- K.S., Baltimore, MD

I honestly can't say enough about the amazing ladies behind Union3 Event Productions! I recently worked a wedding with Alexa and Lindsey & they were absolutely phenomenal! From the details to the timeline, the entire wedding ran beautifully and it was such a pleasure spending the day with these two! I highly recommend Union3 and can't wait for the next chance to work with them! Love these ladies! - Natalie Franke Photography

I’m not sure how or where to begin expressing our thanks to you for what you helped us accomplish. We’ve received a large share of praise from guests already and we all feel so very proud of what was presented on Saturday night.  Starting the night of, from guests as they entered the party, to the letters, emails and calls we’ve received, we have enjoyed hearing how much people loved the party, the design, the messages, etc. We truly hit the goal of an appropriate celebration – not too much, but not too little – just what we heard from members of our community while we were planning and, in turn, requested of you. We simply couldn’t have done it without your insight, creativity or patience with our process.  We are so grateful for your expertise and confidence. We are just so appreciative of everything you did.- St. Pauls School

I can't thank you enough for all that you did.  You are very organized and on top of things which makes the entire planning and executing process of a big event so much smoother! I will definitely recommend you to friends and organizations that I am involved with.

- S.R., Sparks, MD

I don't even know where to start!!  You were incredible!! We have had so many calls and emails from friends who had such a fantastic time, and thought it was one of the best (events) they ever attended...You did such a fantastic job of putting it all together.  You can't imagine the relief it was to me to not have to be the one running things.  I'm usually the one who has to get everyone moving in the right direction. ...The ballroom, bar and patio looked like a wonderland.  The tables, flowers - just everything - were all we wanted and more...I know I couldn't have had as much fun as I did if I had to think about organizing and executing that last week.  All I had to do was relax and enjoy myself with my family.-

J.K., Phoenix, MD

Our conference was an overwhelming success thanks largely to the professionalism, dedication and attention to detail of Union3.  Alexa Lindsey and Erika went above and beyond to make sure that no detail was overlooked.  The feedback from our participants confirmed that hiring Union3 was well worth the investment.  I heartily recommend Union3 Event Productions.

- Dr. Brian Berman, University of Maryland School of Medicine